How to Create an Award-Winning Mobile Learning Program

In the third quarter of 2014, nearly 1.5 million Chromebooks and iPads were shipped to schools. But how many of these schools put a planned and purposeful mobile learning program ahead of their device of choice?

Proven ways to create a successful mobile learning program were among the topics discussed during the recent Gaggle Webcast, “Implementing Mobile Learning the Right Way.” Attendees learned how to plan for an ongoing digital transition by first focusing on goals and objectives, followed by choosing the right applications and great content.

“The wrong way to adopt mobile learning is to start with the device,” said former teacher Andrea Keith, Gaggle’s Vice President, Strategic Initiatives. “There’s a lot of pressure to get on the device bandwagon. We should look at the tools and content before we ever consider what type of devices we’re going to use.”

While describing five important steps to implementing mobile, Andrea reminded the webcast attendees to never start with the device. “Start by highlighting the school’s goals and objectives,” she said. “The device should just be a method of delivery, productivity and creativity.”

The second part of the webcast featured Suzanne Sallee, Educational Technology Coach, and Robyn Griffith, Computer Systems Manager, at Creighton Elementary School District in Arizona. The educators are responsible for the district’s award-winning iAchieve Project, which started in 2009 through a state grant to support English language instruction. The program now includes 26 flipped classrooms using iPads and the original iPods.

Other topics discussed during the webcast include:

• the importance of having an instructional plan and providing ongoing professional development;

• when to inform key stakeholders, including district and site administration, parents and students;

• the right apps and resources that promote creativity and consumption; and

• how to assure student safety and compliance with the Children’s Internet Protection Act (CIPA).

Watch the entire Gaggle Webcast by clicking here and scrolling down the page to the section of “Archived Webinars.”