How to Achieve Success With a School YouTube Channel

With a diverse audience of parents, community members and administrators, video can play a critical role in a school’s visibility. It isn’t enough, however, to just create videos. Equally as important is a distribution strategy to get your videos seen by all constituents.

There’s perhaps no better—and easier—way to publish videos and get them seen than using YouTube. Let’s explore how you can create and leverage a YouTube channel for your school.

Know Your Audience

Who exactly are you targeting with your videos? It’s important to know who you want to attract with the videos. Of course, you will have varying personas and characteristics, but a basic understanding should be enough to get you going. Consider creating separate playlists within your YouTube channel targeted to each audience type.

Understand the Topics Most Appropriate for Each Audience

Two goals for your YouTube channel should be to increase views and subscribers. Consider your audience and identify the topics most relevant to them. These themes can grow and expand over time as your channel takes shape, but try to keep it simple when you’re first starting out. Use these topics as tags within each video’s “Basic Info” section.

Recruit a Team

Every video production needs a crew to implement. Recruit a team of people from your school who are passionate about the various aspects of video production and editing. Ensure that you have a constant flow of creativity and helping hands, so the work doesn’t fall on one person. Don’t limit the team to faculty. Make sure to include students as well. Lastly, make sure the person responsible for your school website is onboard to embed your videos or a playlist on your home page or other web pages.


Strong execution can significantly improve your subscribers, shares and overall activity on your YouTube channel. Set some production standards around the video quality and video length. Think about the sound as well as the devices you will use. If you’re allowing video comments (a checkbox located within a video’s “Advanced Settings”), make sure someone is responsible for monitoring those comments and replying to them.

Maintain Consistency

When something is fresh and new, it’s easy to hit the ground running. But what happens when you get out of breath? Pace yourself. The last thing you need is to run out of steam once you get your YouTube channel off the ground. Remember that consistency is important to your viewers and subscribers because it sets their expectations for your YouTube channel. Set a posting schedule or build and editorial calendar using a Google Sheet.