How the Benefits of Going Paperless Extend to Special Education

As a former high school special education teacher, when managing my caseload I sometimes found it difficult to get student work from other educators to help make modifications to IEPs or to meet requirements of Section 504.

Student work samples are used to:

  • show growth or change over time;
  • help develop goal-setting;
  • identify strengths and weaknesses; and
  • track the development of one or more objectives.

Teachers are more than busy. When assigning, grading and returning homework, it can be hard to remember to make copies of students’ work throughout the school year. Switching to a paperless classroom will save time and keep you more organized, and allow you to handle these requests from special educators teachers.

Keep both unmarked and marked versions of students’ work in an Assignment Drop Box. Easily find specific assignments for special education teachers who need them throughout the school year. You can email them starting the first week of school, all the way through to the final school bell of the year, removing a lot of frustration that could compound by the end of the school calendar.