How Students Can Use Office 365 to Take Better Notes

When it comes to taking notes, students are no longer limited to pen and paper or even a keyboard and screen. With the OneNote Office 365 app, students can take their note taking to new heights. But OneNote is more than what you might expect from a typical notes app and can create new opportunities for students. Here’s how OneNote lends itself to a variety of learning and note taking styles.

blue oneRecord Audio or Video
For students who prefer to hear a lecture over again or to replay classroom moments, OneNote offers the option to use audio and video. This can be particularly helpful in classes with complex concepts. Replaying the explanation or even watching the teacher at the board a subsequent time can add context to students’ notes. It can also help them recall their learning moments much easier.

blue twoUse Existing Templates
The key to good note taking is organization, but if students aren’t sure where to start, they might not be seeing much benefit from their notes once they leave the classroom. OneNote offers pre-built templates and outlines for students. Having an outline can add more structure to students’ notes, which means more effective note taking.

blue threeInsert Links
During class, teachers are sure to reference resources other than what’s found in a textbook. If students don’t have access to those resources outside of the classroom, they could lose valuable information. OneNote allows students to insert links to other materials in their notes.

blue fourAdd Highlights and Tags
Highlighting is not new to the note-taking process. But with OneNote, your highlights become more than just yellow and green lines across the paper. In addition to the highlighting feature, students can also add tags to their notes. The tags can help students find information more quickly and can help identify notes that are more important than others.

blue fiveUse the Dictionary
During a lecture, teachers can use words that are unfamiliar to students. Students might not know what a word means or even how to spell it. The dictionary and spell checker inside of OneNote can ease some of the tensions with unfamiliar vocabulary.

blue sixLearn the Shortcuts
Teachers and school faculty typically frown on shortcuts. But there are some very valuable shortcuts that students can use in OneNote so tasks like formatting don’t slow them down while they are taking notes. Here are some of the more useful shortcuts:

Ctrl +1: Build a checklist

Ctrl +2: Add a star or a custom tag

Ctrl + Shift +1: Add an Outlook calendar reminder

Ctrl + . (period): Make a bulleted list

Ctrl + K: Insert a link