How Pampa ISD Got Student Email, an LMS and an EdTech Partner

Realizing that the Microsoft Exchange environment being used for staff email wasn’t going to work for students, Pampa Independent School District (ISD) in Texas needed a safe and reliable way to provide email to all grade levels.

The school district discovered that the Gaggle Safe Classroom Learning Management System (LMS) hit all the criteria educators were looking for, including simple access, great customer service and a way to keep students safe without requiring additional time and resources from teachers or the technology department.

In this new case study, you will learn how:

  • Gaggle has become an extension of the Pampa ISD technology department and administration
  • Gaggle’s Safe Classroom LMS is being introduced throughout all grade levels in the district
  • Pampa students are learning digital citizenship with the help of Gaggle’s Student Safety Representatives

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