How One of the Most Recognized School Districts in the Country Keeps its Students Safe

When you lead a school district’s internationally-recognized digital conversion plan that garners the attention of schools from around the country and even the President of the United States, what is there left to do?

You make it safer.

Covered in virtually every trade publication and mainstream media outlet for its 1:1 initiative, Mooresville Graded School District in North Carolina also takes online safety seriously. How Gaggle fits into the direct’s digital plan is described in a new case study. You will also learn how Mooresville Grade School District:

• Refocused its efforts around digital citizenship and keeping students safe online.

• Provides intervention and gets guidance counselors and administrators involved in instances of potential student self-harm and other issues.

• Uses metrics to measure success.

We’re thrilled to be part of Mooresville’s digital transformation, which also includes attending the district’s popular Digital Conversion Visitations and next month’s Summer Connection series of workshops.

“Simple filtering is not enough,” says Superintendent Dr. Mark Edwards. “Using Gaggle allows us to take a proactive position rather than being reactive.”

Read the entire case study, “Keeping Every Student Safe, Every Day,” and learn more about how Gaggle helps students stay safe when using Google Apps for Education, by visiting the case study section of the Gaggle Content Library.