How Automated Account Provisioning Can Save Teachers’ Time and Increase Tech Usage

One of the challenges of implementing new technology is ensuring that relevant data are synchronized between what’s new and any existing systems in an organization’s network. In some cases, the responsibility for managing users and passwords ends up falling into the hands of building technicians, media coordinators or technology instructors.

Gaggle’s Automated Account Provisioning (AAP) provides a customizable solution for regular consumption of district data for the purpose of maintaining up-to-date information within Gaggle. New students are added, in most cases, within 24 hours while class rosters are updated daily. AAP replaces the tedious tasks of managing massive amounts of data, manually creating classes, populating class rosters, and creating users.

When they first login, teachers will have a current class roster available, along with associated Assignments. This allows them to begin creating assignments, send email greetings to their students, and move towards a paperless classroom. Most importantly, AAP allows teachers to focus on what matters most, teaching!

If you would like to learn more about Automated Account Provisioning, please contact your Gaggle account representative today or call us at 800-288-7750.