Happy Users Become Even Happier Customers

Gaggle case studies are straightforward success stories about our customers. Each story states a challenge within a school or district, the Gaggle solution and positive results. Our talented graphic designer, Tara Skoglund, does an incredible job presenting them so each case study can be skimmed quickly or read in just a few minutes.

Ideas for our case studies come from a variety of places. We’ll learn about many of the schools or districts we feature at the trade shows and conferences we attend, or our Safety Management team, an account manager, customer service or sales representative will introduce us to someone eager to tell their story.

No stone goes unturned. If someone comes to us with an idea, we pursue it. And sometimes, the direction we plan to go takes us in a different direction.

Such is the case with our most recent case study, which tells the story of two small school districts in Idaho that protect their students with Gaggle Safety Management for Google Apps. What makes this case study different than the other ones we’ve done is that the technology leaders at New Plymouth School District and Salmon River Joint School District #243 used our safe student email product more than a decade ago.

“How many edtech companies have customers who were once student users?,” asks Jeff Patterson, Gaggle’s founder and CEO. “I was humbled and even a bit surprised when I learned about Jenna and Mark. We appreciate them and all of our customers.”

Jenna Cereghino and Mark “VW” Van Weerdhuizen put student online safety at the top of their lists of priorities. Using Gaggle Safety Management also helps Salmon River and New Plymouth comply with Idaho House Bill 246, which requires schools to share bullying and harassment information with parents and students and to report bullying incidents to the State Department of Education.

Read the entire case study, “Happy Users Become Even Happier Customers” and learn more about how Gaggle helps students stay safe when using Google Apps for Education or Office 365, by visiting the case study section of the Gaggle Content Library.