How to Handle School PR in a Crisis

How you handle school PR during a crisis can impact the short- and long-term reputation of your school or district. It’s important for you to be able to move quickly. The more efficient your crisis communication strategy is, the more time you can dedicate towards actually solving and addressing your crisis.

If you don’t have an effective communications plan, it’s something you should definitely start thinking about now. It’s critical to be proactive in your approach to handling a crisis at your school. The more prepared you are, the more quickly you can move on behalf of your school, staff and most importantly, your students.

Robocalls are automated phone calls used to deliver a particular message. It’s a good idea to have a reliable system in place to provide recorded messages in more than one language to your entire school community.

Text message alerts are another effective way to get a mass message out in a matter of seconds. And if you need to share more information, you can always include a URL with your text message that readers can click to get more information on your school website.

The school website remains one of the first sources of information for parents and your entire school community. Once someone receives a robocall or text message, they’ll also likely visit your website for details. Having updated information on your website means you will field fewer calls from parents or community members who have questions.

Social media like Facebook and Twitter continue to be valuable assets for keeping larger audiences in the know about what’s happening at your school. Keep in mind that social media has a far reach and can go well beyond just your faculty and parents.