Goal Setting – Using Your LMS to Make You a Better Teacher

Good teachers are typically very good at motivating students to set goals. No matter what age, goal setting—whether direct or indirect—plays an important role in education. But what if teachers took the time to practice some of the same techniques they share with their students for setting and reaching goals? And it could be quite a simple process using a learning management system (LMS).

There are many features within a LMS that are available to help teachers with planning and organization. Planning ahead is a huge component of goal setting, and without being organized, it would be quite difficult to effectively reach any goal.

Priority #1: Start by setting an attainable goal because there’s no benefit of having a goal that’s far too out of reach.

Priority #2: Identify the steps it will take to reach your goal and create actionable items with deadlines. That’s right you get due dates, too.

Priority #3: Add your actionable items’ due dates to your LMS calendar and set-up alerts. This is also a great way to integrate your action items with any relevant student to-dos.

Priority #4: Review and adjust as needed. You may miss the mark sometimes, but remember that doesn’t mean complete failure. Adjust where needed and keep going.

Goal setting is an important task for effective teaching. Teachers who are already actively using an LMS can easily make it work for them by creating a goal-setting calendar that helps keep them on track with personal and classroom goals. Start exploring the calendar features in your LMS and watch how it benefits you and your students.