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Goal Setting – Using Calendars to Help Students Plan for the Future


It’s never too early for students to start planning for the future by setting short- and long-term goals. Goal setting is practiced by everyone from grade school teachers, to professional athletes. Setting goals provides motivation and allows students to plan how they will deal with obstacles that surely will get in their way.

Here are some goal planning tips to share with your students for the new school year.

• Use SMART goals that are:


• Keep goals positive.

• Break down large, long-term goals into smaller, more accomplishable, goals.

• Set long term goals that are not unreasonable, but not overly simple either.

• Allow for short-term goals to be small to provide motivation to reach more difficult ones.

• Stay on course. Regularly review and evaluate planned goals.

• Set reminders to receive notifications of upcoming goal deadlines.

• Share goal calendars with classmates who will hold each other accountable.

• Plan rewards for reaching goals. Use positive reinforcement.

• Missed goals can be reevaluated and replanned to be more manageable.

Regular goal planning should be a skill every student masters. By integrating goal calendars into the student’s regular calendar for class schedules, sporting events and other obligations, the goals will be visible throughout the day. The calendars can be viewed or shared to desktops, tablets and smartphones so they are always accessible.

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Alex Beck Gaggle Safety Management Supervisor

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