Gmail’s Spam Folder is a Concern for Many School Districts

You might be hearing some colleagues at your school or district complaining about all the inappropriate email messages that students receive inside their Gmail spam folders. While they’re likely happy that Google labels it as spam, they might be nervous about students having access to unwanted or inappropriate email.

We certainly understand the reasons for these complaints and the fears they could cause. Simply put, that’s why Gaggle was created more than 15 years ago, well before Gmail was even a thought in the minds of Larry Page and Sergey Brin.

Sure, Google filters all viruses and malware from a user’s inbox. So do we. But here are some differences you might not be aware of between Gaggle email and Gmail.

Unsolicited Email
We don’t deliver unsolicited email to our end users and that includes all students. Also, if the email doesn’t meet certain criteria (i.e., doesn’t have a way to unsubscribe) the message is quarantined for later review. Gmail doesn’t do this and if something is blocked, the end user has no way to identify it.

Filtered Spam Content
Gaggle Safety Management still filters email messages that make their through our spam filter. Google doesn’t do this. They just deliver the message to the end user.

Specified Messages
We allow end users to specify messages that they want delivered to their accounts without affecting other users. With Gmail, it’s a global setting that only can be done by system admins.