Getting Started With Google Apps for Education Training

Training on Google Apps for Education is extremely important from day one and should continue throughout the adoption year and beyond. Whether you’re working with a Google Certified Educator or going at it on your own, here are some ideas to help make sure your Google Apps training is a success.

It’s a good idea to start by finding a small group of teachers ready to learn and share what they’ve learned. Some users will likely already be familiar with some Google Apps. Tools like Gmail provide a great opportunity for a “Train the Trainer” session where teachers spend time demonstrating basic skills and day-to-day use.

For larger groups, it’s important to remember that technology integration is often like grabbing a bin of manipulatives from a kindergarten classroom and building a tower: a strong foundation is key. Start by training on the basics and follow-up with advanced features to increase knowledge and make the tower higher.

Lastly, consider department/subject-specific training, which will be a catalyst for creating ongoing discussions after the initial training is finished.

It’s important for schools to promote the value that GAFE will bring to teachers, parents and students. Without the right strategies and training in place, most software and web-based tools—whether free or paid—are under-used in education.