How to Get Your School to Think and Act Digitally

Not everyone is convinced that a classroom is a place where technology makes sense, and that can be a struggle for administrators who want to move swiftly down a new digital path inside the classroom. If you have challenges convincing your faculty to make the switch, here’s some help.

Say it with numbers
Simply cheerleading for technology in the classroom won’t do the trick. But if you use data to illustrate why technology makes sense, you’ll get a little more momentum. With the right technology and proper implementation, student performance and engagement will soar. The problem is that saying this doesn’t always do the trick. Show your faculty why technology makes sense for them using quantitative research.

Use your forward-thinking faculty
Instead of the technology message always coming from administrators, try having your first-movers send the message. Organize a “Digital First” event where faculty members who already embrace digital can share their successes with their colleagues. Faculty are more trusting of each other, so they might be more receptive.

Provide training opportunities
Let’s face it. Technology can be a little scary. Sometimes it’s even unreliable and teachers face some serious embarrassment if they get in front of their students and don’t appear to know what they’re doing. And that makes teachers uncomfortable as well. Offer professional development and training opportunities for teachers so they can become more comfortable with using technology.