How to Get Faculty Buy-in for Your New EdTech Initiative

Implementing edtech can be a very exciting venture. But faculty do not always share the same excitement.

When staff members drag their feet with technology (or don’t move forward at all), it can be detrimental to the success of your technology initiatives and learning outcomes of students. Here are a few ways to get faculty buy-in and build some positive momentum.

Understand their perspective

Teachers have a lot going on. And yes, administrators have quite the job description as well, but the juggling act it takes to be a teacher doesn’t always allow room for new, unexpected initiatives. Rolling out new technology requires time to learn how to use it, time to teach students how to use it, and time to incorporate it into the curriculum.

Find out what the pain points are for your teachers and see what their perspectives are on technology from the very beginning. Being proactive will help you better understand the needs you should address before rolling any new edtech product or service.

Simplify the initiative

Let’s face it. No one has extra time on their hands. So since time is like gold, try to simplify implementation. Don’t make it seem incredibly daunting and overwhelming. Talk about the new technology in simple terms and then make sure that it’s straightforward and intuitive to use.

Leverage faculty champions

Faculty members trust each other much more than they trust others. Make use of those relationships by having a faculty champion who can advocate for the new edtech initiative. The champions should share your excitement about technology. These are the teachers who are willing to try new products and don’t get so shaken up when there are a few bumps in the road.

Start with a pilot

Rolling out a new edtech initiative school- or district-wide without informative data on its effectiveness isn’t a good idea. Start with a pilot that gives you an opportunity to illustrate the positive impact the initiative has on student learning and outcomes. Use your faculty champions to participate in the pilot and allow them to share their stories and experiences with other faculty.

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