Gaggle’s Next UI

Technology changes so fast that sometimes it can be hard to keep up, and it’s not just hardware and software that evolves.

It’s also the look and feel of websites and what’s cutting edge in graphic design. Just look at Apple’s iOS update last year. They changed the popular 3-D icons to a flat look, and everyone will follow suit or risk looking outdated.

Changing the look of an entire interface isn’t a quick and easy thing to do, but Gaggle has gone through its own evolution since our start in 1999. A screen shot of the original Gaggle website shows just how far we’ve come. We realize it’s time for a Gaggle makeover, and it’s coming this summer!

When we first started discussing redoing our user interface (UI), we knew it needed to work on a variety of mobile devices. Our founder, Jeff Patterson, coined the term “finger-friendly” to describe an interface that works on any device including touch screens. More specifically, that means no right clicks, drag and drop, or tiny plus signs for sub menus: all actions that don’t work very well on a touch screen. It also means larger icons as well as text that is easy to select with a finger. The “finger-friendly” concept became a driving idea for the entire HTML5 interface.

The other focus is to make it simple. Developing our popular iPad App had already helped us focus on ease-of-use, and we’re applying that knowledge to the Next UI. Quite simply, the number one goal of Next UI is to make Gaggle easier for classroom teachers and students.

The Next UI is coming this summer to a classroom near you. We can’t wait to share it with you!