Gaggle’s New Interface is Here!

Teachers and students logging in to Gaggle to start the school year are experiencing a brand new user interface. Simple, clean and intuitive, it’s a whole new Gaggle that allows your classroom to communicate, collaborate, and learn on any device.

If you’re new to Gaggle, you’ll find the interface to be easy to navigate. If you’re a seasoned Gaggle educator, there are some great improvements to keep in mind. Either way, here are some highlights.

It’s all right in front of you.
Gaggle has been designed to work on any device, which means the new user interface is “finger-friendly” and has no hidden right-click menus. You’ll see many of the most used features for each App on screen with additional options located in a “More” menu. Keep in mind that you’ll only see what applies to the particular App that you’re using, so if you don’t see what you expect in the “More” menu, just select a specific item―like a Locker file, or an Assignment―to bring up the corresponding options.

Web browsers have gotten smarter.
Tabs are an expected part of any modern web browser. Rather than duplicating an available feature, the new Gaggle interface can open in as many browser tabs as you need. For instance, you can have your Calendar open in one tab, and three Class Pages open in three other tabs.If you’re using Gaggle on a traditional desktop or laptop computer, a nifty keyboard shortcut to open another App or screen in a new browser tab is CTRL+Click. An example would be if you wanted to have your Digital Locker open in a new tab, you’d click Apps in the Navigation Tabs to open the App Springboard. Then, hold the CTRL key and click the Digital Locker.

Search, don’t sort.
We’re all used to bringing up some kind of list and scrolling through it to find what we need. Gaggle now has a fantastic Search option in the Toolbar on most screens. Rather than sorting―which is only available on a few select things―try searching. You can type a word or phrase, use quotes around words for a specific match, or, in some cases, you might want to click the down arrow to enter additional search parameters.

Whether you’re a new user or an experienced Gaggler, we’re sure that with the simplicity of the new user interface, you’ll get more done than ever before!