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GAFE Student Progress Reports Don’t Provide Safety Info


School report card showing straight A's

Just in time for the start of the new school year, Google has announced a long-awaited feature that gives parents and guardians access to student report cards, classroom announcements, assignment due dates and other course-centered material. Reports arrive via email at an interval selected by the teacher.

It’s important that parents, guardians and teachers alike consider Google’s aim in this release, so as not to confuse the benefits it offers. The focus of the student progress reports is to provide parents and guardians with the ability to stay on top of the academic performance of their children.

This tool does not, in itself, provide any additional measures for student safety, nor does it give parents and guardians any insight into misuse or abuse of the online tools. The personal communications of a student (whether by email, chat or within Drive files) are not accessible to parents and guardians through the newly released reporting system.

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