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Frequently Asked Questions About the Next UI


Over the past few months, a group of power users were busy beta testing the Gaggle Next UI. Thanks to them, we were able to come up with an initial list of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) to further assist you in making the transition to the new Gaggle interface. While you’re likely to have many of the same questions, please feel free to reach out to us with any question that doesn’t appear below.

Q-Square What email messages appear on the Home tab?
A: You will see up to 10 unread messages within the past three days on the Home tab.

Q-Square Can I drag and drop email into my folders?
A: No. In Next UI, you check boxes for the appropriate email messages and use the “Move To” button to designate the desired folder. This change was made to better accommodate mobile users and to ensure consistent functionality regardless of device.

Q-Square Can I drag and drop attachments into my email messages?
A: Yes. Next UI allows you to drag and drop attachments into an email. You can also select a file from your computer, mobile device or Digital Locker using a standard file selection process.

Q-Square What happened to the “To” selector menu on the Compose email screen?
A: The “To” menu is no longer necessary as email addresses will auto-populate when you begin typing a recipient in the “To” line of an email message.

Q-Square What does the auto-populate feature pull from when I’m entering a recipient on the Compose screen?
A: The auto-populate feature pulls from the Contacts and email addresses that you have sent email to, or received email from, in the past 90 days as well as address groups.

Q-Square How do I create an email folder?
A: Use the “Manage Folders” link in the left panel to create or edit an email folder.

Q-Square Where are my Contacts?
A: Contacts can be accessed from the Apps menu.

Q-Square What Assignments appear on the Home Tab?
A: Students will see any Assignments due within the next 7 days. Teachers will see any Assignments due within the past 7 days.

Q-Square Where are Assignment Drop Boxes?
A: Assignment Drop Boxes are now known as Assignments.

Q-Square What should display by default when a user opens Assignments?
A: “Upcoming” should display for students. “Recent” should display for staff.

Q-Square What Assignments will be listed as Assignments> Upcoming?
A: Any Assignments with a due date within the next 7 days appear as “Upcoming.”

Q-Square What Assignments will be listed as Assignments> Recent?
A: Any assignments with a due date within the past 7 days appear as “Recent.”

Q-Square What events appear on the Home tab?
A: You will see any upcoming calendar events scheduled within the next 24 hours on the Home tab.

Q-Square Why doesn’t a new tab open when I click on my Digital Locker or my Calendar?
A: By default, everything now opens in the same browser tab. The Next UI still allows you to open multiple Gaggle tabs within a web browser. If you CTRL-Click on the app, it will open in a new tab.

Q-Square What happened to the ability to change the background of my Gaggle screen?
A: We have eliminated the ability to change the Gaggle background screen. After discussions with many of you, it was determined that it took away from learning. We want learning to be the first priority of using Gaggle!

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