Flipping the Classroom with Gaggle

Mesquite Independent School District is located in Mesquite, TX just twenty minutes outside of Dallas. With over 39,000 students and 46 campuses, the district believes that “by challenging students with high expectations and a rigorous curriculum, they will excel.”

Mesquite ISD joined the Gaggle family in 2011.Their initial goal was to provide students with a safe email account. Since then, teachers in the district have expanded their use of Gaggle with tools like the Digital Locker, Mark-it Up!, Assignment Drop Boxes, GaggleTube and the iPad App. Tammy Rushing, District Facilitator of eLearning and Technology Staff Development says, “what really started sending our teachers to Gaggle was GaggleTube; for the first time, teachers were able to share YouTube videos with their students on campuses where YouTube is blocked.”

Katy Coffey, a fifth grade teacher at Rutherford Elementary added, “The fifth grade teachers are currently using Gaggle for flipped instruction and our UPSL initiative (Understand, Plan, Solve, Look back). The teachers are using GaggleTube to approve certain videos for students. Students then watch the videos at home with guided notes. Task cards are then provided to help achieve the next day’s objectives.”

All of the fifth grade teachers throughout the district are also utilizing the Gaggle iPad App and all of its features for flipped instruction and the UPSL initiative. Students are accessing UPSL lessons from the Assignment Drop Boxes each day and teachers are then retrieving submitted documents and grading them with the Mark-it Up! feature. “Once teachers were in Gaggle, they realized that there were more uses for it than just GaggleTube. Now that the Gaggle App has been developed and we are beginning to get iPads in the hands of students, Gaggle makes it easy for teachers to share documents and students to submit assignments,” says Tammy.

Mesquite ISD classrooms are utilizing multiple Gaggle tools to enhance student learning and engagement. They, like most districts, saw value in GaggleTube right from the start, but have since triggered additional Gaggle engagement with other tools such as the iPad App. Kudos to you Mesquite ISD for continuing to see all the possibilities that Gaggle’s Safe Online Learning and Teaching Platform has to offer and thanks for being part of our family!