5 Steps to Launch a Successful #TechCoach Program in Your District

There are various models and options to consider when implementing a Tech Coach program. Some only focus on technology, while others combine technology and curriculum. No matter the model, there are certain elements that are always important for a successful launch.

If you’re thinking about starting a Tech Coach program in your school district, here are some considerations to keep in mind to make it a success. 

blue one smallWhat’s Your Mission Statement?
A mission statement can have quite a positive impact on your Tech Coach program and will help your faculty understand the purpose of the program. In addition to establishing a baseline, your Tech Coach program’s mission statement should also cover where you see the program going in the future.

green 2 smallGoals & Values
Coming in a close second to having a mission statement, setting goals and benchmarks requires you to establish ways to measure the progress of your Tech Coach program. Core values are what will guide the implementation behavior to attain the goals that are set.

orange 3 smallExpectations
Without setting realistic expectations, your teachers and tech coaches are left to their own devices. Be clear in the expectations of the tech coaches regarding how they support your faculty, keeping in mind that they might support a number of schools in the district. Likewise, there should be clear expectations for your teachers to ensure their idea of how to work with the tech coach aligns with your vision, mission and goals.

yellow 4 smallProfessional Development
Teachers are used to professional development, but tech coaches might not be as familiar with the requirements of ongoing training. Because technology is constantly evolving, it’s important for tech coaches to participate in professional development. Offer formal options as well as some informal opportunities such as keeping up with the #TechCoach hashtag on Twitter.

pink 5 smallAdministrative Support
Any new program requires support from your administrative team. Working with tech coaches is likely new for your faculty, but with the right support, teachers will fall right in line and see the benefits of effectively partnering with your tech coach. Be cognizant of how you roll the program out, ensuring it’s clear that the tech coach initiative is one that is supported and aligned within the school as well as the district.

A Tech Coach program can have a great impact on classroom instruction, which ultimately trickles down to improved student learning. While there may be a number of moving parts required to roll the program out, the above elements are important considerations in the implementation process. Start by considering these areas before you launch your Tech Coach program.