5 Common Problems with School Websites

Parents typically turn to a school or district website for important dates and other information, making your website extremely valuable when communicating with your community. Here are five common problems to always look for on your school or district website that could prevent you from making a great lasting impression.

blue one smallMisinformation
Parents use school websites as a source of information because it’s convenient. If the information provided is wrong, they will likely end up calling the school for the information, which takes up valuable administrative time.

green 2 smallNo mention of parents
The school or district website is one of the easiest ways to get parents involved, but what happens if they never see any opportunity when they visit the site? Of course, the school and students should be showcased, but be careful not to make the parents feel excluded. Consider a section or page labeled “For Parents” in your main navigation.

orange 3 smallLack of mobile functionality
Just about everything is mobile these days, and parents expect to access everything—including a school or district website—from their tablets or smartphones. Responsive design adds another layer of convenience that parents expect and deserve.

yellow 4 smallPoor layout and design
While your school or district website doesn’t have to be fancy, it should display the same reputation as your schools and campuses. Make sure to have a website design that is both fun and creative, so it gives off good vibes to all visitors.

pink 5 smallA lot of errors and typos
Schools are the place where knowledge happens. And while it’s not the only place where knowledge takes place, it plays a significant role. Because of this, parents have higher than usual expectations of school websites. It can be somewhat alarming for a parent to find grammatical errors, misspellings and typos on the website. Sure, they’re bound to happen, but do your best to stay on top of them. Maybe even get some students involved.