Filtering Google Drive Inside and Outside Your District

Did you know that students could use Google Drive to “chat” with others outside of the school system?

Did you know that students are using Google Drive as a form of “sexting?”

Did you know that some sexual predators see Google Drive as yet another way to communicate with children?

Unfortunately, discovering situations where a student is having an inappropriate conversation with another person via Google Drive is a common occurrence. Not only are students having inappropriate conversations, they’re also sending inappropriate pictures of themselves, and then deleting them right afterwards.

By having extensive text monitoring, pornography scanning, around-the-clock Gaggle Safety Management and transparent access to all student activities integrated within Google Drive, many schools have been able to be proactive and prevent horrific situations such as sexual exploitation, grooming, suicide and more.

If your school does not have filtering measures like these in place, please take the extra safety measure of limiting sharing within your students’ Google Drive accounts to reduce the chances of your students communicating with the wrong people.

Turning on/off sharing in Google Drive is a global setting. School districts using Google can allow students/teachers to only share within their organization (domain), or if they want, they can open sharing outside of the domain.

Below is information you can provide to your school district for limiting students’ Google Drive sharing access.

Entire Student Group(s):

  1. In the Google Dashboard, select ‘Google Apps.’
  2. Select Drive.
  3. Select ‘Sharing Settings.’
  4. Use the drop down menu, and select ‘On For Some Organizations.’
  5. Select the Organizational Units (OUs) you would like to share.

Another suggestion is to turn off sharing for one specific student. Create a brand new OU and place that student in the group. Then turn off sharing for that specific OU.

If you encounter situations as suggested above, please make sure to notify law enforcement immediately.