Facebook for Schools: 4 Strategies for Success

Facebook is a great channel for outreach and communication, but you need to do more than share interesting posts and news stories to have success engaging with your school community. Here are a few strategies for success that are important to consider.

1-2016Upload a strong cover photo

You only have a couple of seconds to grab someone’s attention and convince them to continue scrolling through your Facebook page. Choose a photo that illustrates the strength of your brand along with your vision and mission. Don’t forget to follow the rules regarding the correct image size and other requirements.

2-2016Update your “About” page

Many organizations make the mistake of neglecting the “About” page of their Facebook pages. Take some time to fully complete this section. People are coming to your page because they want to learn more about your school or district. Be careful not to be too wordy while still getting in all the essential information.

3-2016Complete your History & Milestones

Here’s another section that can be a bit cumbersome to complete, but is extremely helpful in communicating your schools’ background and achievements. Facebook is the place people go to interact with you and your brand. Give them an opportunity to engage with you by sharing your many accomplishments. Show them what’s exciting about your schools and invite them to join you on your journey.

4-2016Set-up apps & quick links

Once your visitors have connected with you on Facebook, you need some calls to action. Perhaps you want to direct them to your school’s website, or maybe you want them to sign up for a volunteer event at the school. Setting up apps and quick links give parents and the entire community an opportunity to get more involved and committed to helping you achieve your mission and vision.

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