Email Archiving and Your Intellectual Property

Your school district’s most valuable information likely lives inside of an email. Annual reports, financial schedules and budgets all get bounced around as email correspondence before they are released to the public. So what happens to your district’s intellectual property if your email correspondence isn’t protected by something like an email archive?

red xIntellectual property isn’t saved.
Since it’s common practice to send email messages back and forth before they’re set into a final document, any email that is not captured into an archive is at risk of being lost forever. With an email archive, every email communication is captured and stored, making your intellectual property safe at all costs. 

red xImportant data likely isn’t easy to find.
With an email archive, recalling your intellectual property is simplified with user and admin search functionality.

red xData from former employees could be gone forever.
Turnover is inevitable. Having an email archive helps your school district retain some level of control during turnover so that you can still access critical information after an employee leaves.

red xMiss out on disaster recovery benefits.
Disaster recovery isn’t exciting to think about, but it’s even less exciting when it actually happens. An email archive protects your entire history of digital correspondence, which includes all intellectual property stored in email communications. So even in a disaster, your most valuable pieces of data are still safe.

Choosing to archive your email could be one of the most important decisions you make. If your intellectual property is important to your school district, then an email archive should be a top priority. But before you proceed, be sure to explore your archiving options and find a solution that best fits your district’s needs.