Discover Ways to Drive Safe Google Apps Adoption in Your School

The launch of Google Classroom along with changes to E-Rate funding have led school districts, perhaps more than ever, to consider a move to Google Apps for Education.

Last week, Stephanie Jones-Franklin, an instructional technology specialist, joined Tracy Duncan, Gaggle’s training manager, and Tim Lee, CEO of Amplified IT, to present an engaging and interactive webcast entitled, “How to Drive Safe Google Apps Adoption in Your School.”

The webcast provided both teachers and administrators with new skills and knowledge of how to use these tools to help students excel inside and outside the classroom. The Gaggle webcast also reminded attendees of the importance of creating a safe online learning environment for students when using Google Apps for Education.

“Google Apps opens up a plethora of opportunities for administrators, teachers and students,” said Stephanie. “I would suggest taking small steps and substituting existing tasks. The idea is to start small and make it applicable to the tasks you already complete.”

In addition to ideas on how to get started, the hour-long webcast covered 12 different ways to drive Google Apps for Education (GAFE) adoption. Topics discussed included removing obstacles, overcoming safety risks, ways to incorporate GAFE into your curriculum, ideas to help meet Common Core Standards and much more.

“Different parts of the school will have different milestones,” said Tim, during a discussion about getting started with Google Apps. “Think of what pains you the most and see how you can use the tools to help.” Tim then offered an analogy to climbing a mountain. “Don’t aim for the top and start walking,” he said. “Be prepared to take a different path than what was planned.”

A great example of this occurred in Stephanie’s school district where she learned very quickly the benefits of delegating certain responsibilities and not relying solely on one or two people responsible for everything during GAFE implementation.

Together with Amplified IT, Gaggle has published a new ebook, “12 Ways to Safely Adopt Google Apps into Your School.” Everyone who registered for the webcast received a free copy of the ebook.

Watch the entire Gaggle Webcast by clicking here and scrolling down the page to the section of “Archived Webinars.”