Device Management: Safety, Sharing & Collaboration Solutions

Current trends in education are spurring more and more tablet adoptions in the classroom. Having the technology can be a huge benefit to both students and teachers, as many use cases show heightened engagement and involvement from students. Tablets foster an environment where students can take charge of their own learning, giving teachers better opportunities to meet students where they are and providing more personalized learning.

The Headaches of Shared Devices
Not all schools are fortunate enough to have tablets in their classroom on a 1:1 basis.  Many schools still have a limited number of tablets being shared among different students and classes.  If you are a school that has a shared device model you have most likely experienced the headaches of:

  • Sharing content on the device
  • Lack of Multiple User Accounts
  • Limited memory

Because of these limitations, we have found that devices are not utilized effectively.  Educators feel that have become too much of a headache to integrate into the curriculum and make an impact on learning.

A Solution to Device Management
Gaggle supports a shared-device model by allowing users to have their own set of documents, files, and email – all safe, secure, and protected from other users who share the same device.   We believe that installing the Gaggle app for mobile devices—is the smartest and safest way to use these devices in the classroom.

Gaggle offers an abundance of tools that allow your students the exciting experience of learning with these devices while also maintaining the safe and secure online experience you expect. Here are a few features of the Gaggle mobile app:

  • Gaggle email: safe electronic communication for schools and students
  • Digital Lockers: online file storage for students and teachers with sharing and filtering functions
  • Assignment Drop Boxes: paperless alternative for collecting homework and projects
  • GaggleTube: monitored access to YouTube with the capability to restrict and block sites

Students and teachers alike are itching for ways to improve learning. And keeping up with the digital times in the classroom could be the difference between students passing or failing a course. It is a huge task to compete with all the things distracting students these days. Allowing the use of these devices in the classroom doesn’t have to be overwhelming. Using the Gaggle app to manage tablet use in the classroom allows enhanced safety and filtering features which can give you peace of mind that your students and their information is safe.