How to Address Cyberbullying with Digital Citizenship and Gaggle

The importance of protecting students from harmful situations, especially cyberbullying in schools, was the theme of last week’s Gaggle webcast, “Cyberbullying in Your School: What You Need to Know,” which welcomed digital citizenship author Dr. Mike Ribble and Michelle Turnage, Senior Executive Director – Technology Services at Johnston County Schools.

The webcast got underway with Gaggle’s product marketing specialist, Corey Tutewiler, providing an overview of our new ebook, “Everything You Need to Know (and more) About Cyberbullying.” The popular resource, which was give to all webcast attendees, provides preventative measures that schools and districts can take when addressing cyberbullying, ideas on how to prepare yourself and react when cyberbullying occurs, and much more.

Dr. Ribble, who’s also the director of technology at Manhattan-Ogden School District in Kansas, then presented information about the Digital Citizenship Institute, suggestions on how to use technology, and ways to develop a digital citizenship program that helps address cyberbullying. “We want to help our students, and help them help each other,” he said. “Our goal is to make them safe, savvy and social.”

The webcast concluded with Michelle Turnage explaining how Johnston County Schools in North Carolina addresses cyberbullying through the use of Gaggle Safety Management and a Digital Citizenship Agreement.

You can watch the “Cyberbullying in Your School: What You Need to Know” webcast on-demand by scrolling to the section entitled “Archived Webcasts (2017).”

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