Safety Management in Action: Staying Aware of School Threats

Threats to schools are usually made anonymously, making it difficult to determine where they originated. Inevitably, students will start talking about what happened using email, text messages and social networks. Although the threat has already been made and the situation hopefully resolved, it’s important to stay aware of any future information.

In one specific case this past month, multiple students at a Midwestern school were discussing a threat of gun violence using Kik, a social networking chat application. While the threat had been safely dealt with, and the school had taken every appropriate measure, students were continuing to discuss events of the day so the Gaggle Student Safety Representatives alerted district contacts to the subsequent communication.  

In some cases, staying aware of these threats can result in identifying parties involved or further details that the district and/or local law enforcement are investigating. While the school district and law enforcement can spend time focusing on the individuals involved in the case, Gaggle continues to monitor all communications sent through the district, which allows for a bird’s-eye view that could catch additional, and very important, information.

The importance of monitoring student communication around such a serious threat really never ends. Gaggle’s Safety Management  continues to take note of every communication related to the situation and all others like it to ensure districts are kept up to date on information being shared by everyone.