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Safety Management in Action: A Student Told to “Kill Herself”


The phrase “kill myself” was seen 1,807 times in email, text messages, discussion boards, email attachments and computer files during the first semester of the 2013-2014 school year at an average of nine times per day.

Gaggle’s Student Safety Representatives monitored every one of these frightening declarations with the critical job of identifying the difference between a reckless misuse versus a true threat to a student’s safety.

At 9:57 a.m. on March 3, a student emailed her friend telling her that someone told her to kill herself and that she had decided to do it. By 10:06 a.m., this message had been identified by Gaggle Student Safety Representatives and forwarded to the emergency contacts in the student’s district. In the amount of time it might take to change classes, this situation was brought under control by school authorities and the student was safe.

With students texting and emailing throughout the school day and into the evening, an immediate response to threats like these is crucial for 24/7 student safety. Although this situation occurred in the morning during a school day, it’s common for students to send messages like this very late in the evening at home.

The venue and time of day could change, but the vigilance of Gaggle’s Student Safety Representatives does not. Threats to student safety do not end with the bell, and neither does Gaggle Safety Management.

socialapps-70Gaggle’s Safety Representatives continue to discover websites and apps that pose potential risks to students. Here’s a popular and ever-growing list of “Top Social Networks & Apps Your Kids Use.”

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Alex Beck Gaggle Safety Management Supervisor

Alex Beck is a regular contributor to the Gaggle Speaks Blog and on Twitter @Gaggle_K12. He tells the incredible stories of how Gaggle Safety Management helps save lives, intervenes in dangerous situations, and keeps districts informed to questionable communications. Alex also has experience in the music business and ecommerce maintaining a self-started music apparel company.

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