Safety Management in Action: A Literal Life-Saver

A cry for help sometimes is hard to distinguish from simple teen angst. The context and tone in student communications, including the many social media messages and notifications unrelated to school, require the same diligent observation to assure student safety.

When a student recently sent multiple communications with comments mentioning suicide, the trained eye of a Gaggle Safety Management Student Safety Representative jumped into action and immediately got in touch with the student’s school district about the situation at hand. The district alerted the local police department, which went to the student’s house. Upon arrival, the police intervened on the student’s very troubling plans to take his own life.

According to the parents on a call with the school the next morning, the student “would not have been alive” if not for the actions of the school district and law enforcement acting upon Gaggle’s notification.  

“As we (the district staff) debriefed the events of the previous night, we concluded April 29 could have been a very different and somber day had we not decided to use Gaggle’s Safety Management.”
– District Emergency Contact

With the always-connected student sharing everything on social networks, text messages and email, just filtering student email is not enough. In this case, the Gaggle Safety Management advantage was a literal life-saver.