LMS + Cyber Days: The New Snow Day

Most school calendars include a few built-in days to make up for closings caused by snow or other emergencies.

States, districts and schools are increasingly exploring the idea of engaging students during at-home snow days, by offering “cyber days” or “flexible instruction days” when kids can’t make it into their classrooms.

As K-12 classrooms are becoming more connected with 1:1 device initiatives, schools and districts across the country are having success implementing cyber days with help from their learning management system (LMS). An LMS  has become a practical solution to unpredictable weather, effectively transforming the traditional snow day into a day of instruction.

Here are some ways to take advantage of your LMS on cyber days:

  • Make sure students know that on snow days, they should log in to look for assignments for that day. Send an email or text reminder soon after the school closing is announced.
  • Post assignments and relevant information within your LMS for students to see.
  • Upload audio or video files of teachers’ lectures to their online classroom or class list.
  • Take advantage of assignments and discussions to engage in thought-provoking activities related to various subjects.

How is your school or district keeping up the educational momentum during snow days?

Picture: Win McNamee/Getty Images