How to Create a School Website that Parents and Others Will Want to Visit

As I parent, I find myself often visiting my daughter’s high school website to get information that she doesn’t make readily available to me. From SAT prep information and her current grades, to the food she’s eating at lunch, and how to get in touch with her teachers, I have a better sense of what’s going on after spending just a few minutes on the website.

Ask yourself how easy it is for parents to do the same on your website. Our latest ebook, “The K-12 Website Success Handbook,” is a must-read for anyone responsible for procuring a website vendor or managing the day-to-day responsibilities of a school or district website. Whether you’re looking for a new provider or want to re-energize your current website, this ebook will convince you that it’s easier than you think to keep parents, families and the community well informed.

Start by fixing five common problems with many school or district websites. Then move on to developing a sound strategy that should include responsive design, incorporating social media, and an easy way to access your learning management system and other tools used inside and outside of the classroom. The K—12 Website Success Handbook will show you how to use your website as a recruitment tool and how to create a unique website without the need to choose from hundreds of similar looking themes. 

Also inside:

  • Tips to assess the state of your current website
  • The dos and don’ts on your website’s homepage
  • Why responsive design matters
  • A website provider checklist

The 16-page ebook also includes two case studies that detail the challenges of both a small school district in Minnesota and the award-winning websites of a larger school system in North Carolina. Download our new ebook today.