The Cost of K-12 Student Safety

Successful marketing is the result of a commitment rather than individual campaigns. Plenty of times, we hope that you will see beyond the fact that we’re selling K-12 student safety, but still succeed in cultivating your awareness of it.

The Gaggle Speaks Blog is a great example of this practice. While we do really work to offer a wide-ranging resource touching on numerous topics and issues relevant to K12 administrators and educators, we also want to increase awareness of our products and solutions.

I’d like to take an opportunity to communicate something openly and directly:

We absolutely love selling our K-12 student safety products.

It’s difficult for sales and marketing departments to champion a product that they inwardly feel is useless or substandard. At Gaggle, we believe in what we do and that the benefits outweigh the costs for customers. Our primary focus is, and has always been, student safety. Every year, we help schools and districts uncover and intervene in a higher number of threatening situations, including:

  • severe cyberbullying and violence;
  • students attempting to send self-produced pornography;
  • dangerous conversations between students and strangers;
  • domestic abuse;
  • and attempts of suicide.

This year we’ve enhanced the machine learning technology that recognizes inappropriate content, we’ve continued to invest in a great team of Safety Representatives who review student content 24/7, and we’ve created and released a Safety Management Dashboard that gives customers insight into student behavior and incidents.

We firmly believe a cost-benefit analysis of Gaggle always works in favor of our customers, because you can’t put a price on the life of a student.