Clearing Up Confusion About CIPA Requirements

Do you know and understand the requirements of the Child Internet Protection Act (CIPA)?

In a recent article published in Tech & Learning, educators are reminded of the the reasons CIPA requirements are in place, what they are and how they fit into the E-Rate picture.

The facts about CIPA:

• A filter is required to block child pornography, obscene images, and visual depictions that are harmful to minors.

• CIPA requires that public notice of the meeting where the the school district considers a safety policy that addresses: Online access to inappropriate material, illegal use of the Internet, safety of children using electronic communications.

• CIPA requires education on internet safety.

• You must monitor internet use in school.

Read more about how to monitor students’electronic communication, finding a CIPA-compliant solution, implementation of home filtering for 1:1 programs and where E-Rate falls within all of these discussions: CIPA: 10 Years Later, There is Still Confusion.