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Does Your School or District’s Website Make a Good Impression?

Oftentimes, users will visit your website more frequently than they will visit your campus or call you. With this in mind, there are a few areas you will want to pay attention to on your website to ensure that you are making the best impression possible.


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How to Build a Sound Policy for the Use of Social Media and School Websites

Every school has a website. Most students―and even teachers―are on social media. But a challenge within most school districts still exists: the lack of sound policies for the use of social media and even a school’s own website.


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Use Teacher and Classroom Web Pages to Drive Family Engagement

Students with engaged families acquire literacy skills faster, earn higher grades and test scores, enroll in higher-level programs, have better behavior in class, and attend school more regularly. Educators should consider teacher and classroom web pages as valuable resources to spur more engagement.


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5 Ways for Teachers to Communicate With Parents This Year

Parent communication remains a huge factor for student success. Gone are the days when the telephone was the only way to contact parents. And actually, the telephone is likely no longer parents’ preferred method of communication with a school. For parents who do prefer phone calls, it’s important to respect that request, but for other...


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Use Your School Website to Strengthen Relationships

More than likely, your school already has a website. Is it providing all of the benefits it can to the unique needs of every visitor, including students, parents and community members?

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What You Can Do Over the Summer to Spruce Up Your School or District Website

After a long school year, when summer comes around its an exciting time for students, faculty and administration. But once the excitement of summer dies down, it’s easy to fall into the summertime blues. Before you let boredom strike, consider sprucing up your school or district website in summer’s free time.


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Is it Time to Fix Your Outdated School Website?

Parents, students and even community members rely on a school’s website for information, news and regular updates. But what happens when your website isn’t actually communicating the message you want because of outdated information? Give your website a quick once over. If it falls into one or more of these categories, you should consider an...