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5 Ways to Use Your School’s Website to Build a Positive Brand Image

Your brand speaks for you even when you aren’t around. And when you aren’t around you want to make sure you have a positive advocate to defend your brand. What better way to do that than with your school website?

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Is Your School Website Also a Recruitment Tool?

Neighborhood lines no longer determine where students attend school. Because parents now have a choice, it’s even more important for your school website to be a true reflection of your school and all of its positive characteristics.


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Ready for Mobilegeddon? Here’s Some Help

Many web hosting providers talk about responsive design and why it’s important. And so are we. Last week, we held a webcast that featured Zineb Ait Bahajji, Google Webmaster Trends Analyst.


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7 Questions: Does Your School or District Website Measure Up?

When parents, students and community members are searching for information, your website is likely the first place they go. But what if your website isn’t providing them what they need? Here are seven questions to perform a quick assessment.


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5 Tips to Keep Your School or District Website Up to Date

If your school or district’s website isn’t up to date, visitors likely won’t be back. The result? More of the same phone calls and email messages sent to school or district offices, taking staff away from their work. Here are a few tips for you to keep in mind when evaluating your school’s website.


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How to Get the Most (and More) From Your School Website

There are countless reasons why your website is now, perhaps more than ever, the face of your school district and must make a positive impression to anyone who visits.


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5 Common Problems with School Websites

Parents typically turn to a school or district website for important dates and other information, making your website extremely valuable when communicating with your community. Here are a five common problems to always look for that can help you make a great lasting impression.


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Why Your School and District Website Should be Responsive

Choosing a website design is an important early step in your communication strategy with students, parents and community members. But website design doesn’t only mean the esthetics you might typically think of such as colors, font sizes, and page layout. A website should also conform to any device type and screen size.