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School Newsletter Ideas

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Goodbye 1996: Why Your School’s PDF Newsletter is Antiquated

Like paper-based school newsletters, PDF newsletters also went out of style quite some time ago. While not as old as a Members Only jacket, if you still create a PDF newsletter, you might want to start thinking about making a digital transformation.

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Why School Administrators Should Take an Interest in Twitter

While 140 characters can seem limited, there’s quite a bit of value in a Tweet. The timeliness of a quick post to Twitter is a useful way for just-in-time learning while hashtags make information more digestible. Here are four reasons why every school administrator should take an interest in using Twitter.


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How to Create a School Website that Parents and Others Will Want to Visit

Start by fixing five common problems with many school or district websites. Then move on to developing a sound strategy that should include responsive design, incorporating social media, and an easy way to access your learning management system and other tools used inside and outside of the classroom.


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5 Reasons to Replace Your School Newsletter with a Blog

Whether it’s sharing report card dates, holiday performances or parent-teacher conferences, there’s plenty of information that has to be disseminated to parents. Oftentimes, the preferred method is a school newsletter. And while newsletters have served their purpose quite well in the past, it’s time to consider using a blog instead.


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A Checklist for Selecting the Right School or District Website Provider

Your school or district website is a significant investment in both time and money. Before you start sending out RFPs and getting quotes, use this checklist and you’ll more than likely end up with the perfect provider, and website, for your school.


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Public Relations Ideas for School Administrators

We all know that good public relations is a great way to bring positive attention to a school or district. But we also know that finding the funding and time to commit to a PR campaign is often not easy to do. Still, there are some very creative ways to address public relations for your...


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The Do’s and Don’ts on Your School Website’s Homepage

The homepage remains one of most important pieces of real estate on any website. Just look at your analytics for proof. It’s like they most visited and exited page on your website. Your homepage can have a direct impact on enrollment, funding campaigns and the overall perception of your school. Take some cues from these...

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Why Responsive Web Design Isn’t Going Away

Most of us love having fingertip access on our smartphones to email, banking, games and even schoolwork. Organizations and businesses of all shapes and sizes continue to pay close attention to how their websites work on mobile devices. And your school or district is no different.