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4 Important Lessons from 15 Years in EdTech

Last week, during the 2015 CoSN Annual Conference, I participated in the CoSN Camp FailFest where leaders in education shared professional failures in order to see future successes.


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Takeaways from SXSWedu, Congrats Zaption

SXSWedu had lots of heavy-hitting educators, superintendents, deputy superintendents of instruction, CIOs and industry thought leaders. There were also lots of young entrepreneurs full of vision and passion.


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Tips for Successful Blended Learning (Phase 1: Planning)

Implementing a blended learning program at your school can have a huge impact on student performance and engagement. When you’re in your planning stage, remember these five steps to ensure you maximize your opportunity for success.


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4 Ways to Help Introverts Brainstorm with the Help of Technology

It can be a challenge to get shy students to engage in classroom discussions and group projects because of their tendency to be quieter than other students. One of the biggest challenges for introverts is brainstorming, especially when it happens as a class or a large group. Here are a four ways to help these...


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Students Thrive With Fewer Access Restrictions to Digital Tools

Restricting access to digital learning tools isn’t the best way to keeps students safe. Learn how Henderson County Public Schools is using Gaggle’s Safe Classroom Learning Management System to promote student engagement and embrace the benefits of online learning in a safe and controlled environment.


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Is it Time to Flip Your Professional Development?

It’s easy to feel bored, overwhelmed, uninterested or not engaged during traditional professional development. If this is happening inside your school, now could be a great time to flip your professional development. Yes, just like flipping your classroom, try flipping your PD!


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How to Get the Most (and More) From Your School Website

There are countless reasons why your website is now, perhaps more than ever, the face of your school district and must make a positive impression to anyone who visits.


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Protecting Students and Creating Teachable Moments

A district-wide initiative to implement Microsoft Office 365 meant Metropolitan Nashville Public Schools needed a way for students to be safe using tools such as email, Word, Excel and PowerPoint. Email messages, as well as content created and shared in OneDrive, now are integrated with Gaggle’s Safety Management for Office 365.