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How Pampa ISD Got Student Email, an LMS and an EdTech Partner

Realizing that the Microsoft Exchange environment being used for staff email wasn’t going to work for students, Pampa Independent School District in Texas needed a safe and reliable way to provide email to all grade levels. In this new case study, learn how Gaggle came to the rescue and has become an extension of the...


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Ready for Mobilegeddon? Here’s Some Help

Many web hosting providers talk about responsive design and why it’s important. And so are we. Last week, we held a webcast that featured Zineb Ait Bahajji, Google Webmaster Trends Analyst.


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When Enterprise Email Isn’t Good—or Safe—Enough for Students

One year into a pilot program to provide students with Office 365 email accounts, Georgetown Independent School District in Texas found itself struggling to resolve concerns around student safety. A new Gaggle case study details how the school district overcame its challenge.


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When Using Google Apps, Complying with CIPA Should Focus on Instruction Rather Than Discipline

Schools will often use a server-based content filter for Gmail to comply with the Children’s Internet Protection Act (CIPA), and then quickly realize that it puts the focus on discipline rather than instruction and promoting digital citizenship. This is exactly what happened at Mountain Brook School System when it started to move its technology to...


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Moving Email to the Cloud Saves School District Time and Money

Is your district’s staff email solution out of date, leading to higher than expected maintenance costs and unnecessary time troubleshooting, updating software and creating backups?


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Addressing Schools’ Concerns About Moving Email to the Cloud

After moving its email to the cloud, St. Charles Community Unit School District 303 needed a way to add some district controls around how messages were filtered, monitored and archived.


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The E-Rate Aftermath

We support the mission of the E-Rate program: to connect all of America’s schools and libraries to the best online resources and to facilitate modern learning through improved communications and collaboration. Sometimes, however, the best things in life are not free.


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Moving Instructional Technology in the Right, and Safe, Direction

Providing a safe forum for students to collaborate and share ideas had been a challenge at Little Rock School District. When moving to Gaggle’s Safe Classroom Learning Management System, Little Rock School District experienced several immediate benefits.