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edtech uptime Guarantees

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Does Your Outsourced EdTech Have High Uptime Guarantees?

Being able to continue to provide services during power failures and network outages doesn’t happen by accident. We’re prepared to deal with these incidents using redundancies and failover mechanisms we design into our systems. Last week we were put to the test, and passed.


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Being a Cyber-Mentor: A Role For All Ages

Cyberbullying and online cruelty are growing concerns that don’t seem to be fading. Encourage your students and your colleagues to be a cyber-mentor to someone who they know is struggling.


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When Done Correctly, Annual Teacher Training Is Invaluable

Yesterday, The Washington Post published an article citing a study from nonprofit TNTP suggesting that billions of dollars in annual teacher training is largely a waste. However, there are a lot of school districts that get it right.


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Student Safety Doesn’t Take the Summer Off

Wisconsin Rapids Public Schools wants to make sure that it’s proactive with online student safety. After deciding to give Gmail accounts to students starting in fifth grade, the district quickly realized that the controls inside Gmail and Google Apps for Education were not enough to ensure the safety of its students.


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6 Ways for #TechCoaches to Support Teachers and Students

Tech coaches continue to take a more prominent role in education, especially when it comes to supporting teachers and students. The ultimate goal is for tech coaches to work with both teachers and students to enhance the learning experience using technology. Here are a few tips for tech coaches to better support the teachers and...


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Our Favorite Tweets from #ISTE2015

As always, we leave ISTE feeling inspired and re-energized by all of the amazing educators. There’s always so much to take away from all of the various sessions and discussions in the packed exhibit hall. Here are a few of our favorite quotes that we overheard on Twitter this week.


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How Much is Student Safety Worth?

Along with implementing new technology come new concerns about student safety, so when sixth graders at Warsaw Community Schools received Google accounts as part of a 1:1 iPad initiative, district officials knew they needed to do more.


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Understanding Private Accounts in Your School District’s Email Archive

Switching to a free email archiving solution, such as Google Vault, might sound appealing, but the inability to create Private Accounts should be considered as one big reason not to make the move.