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How Student Safety Saves Lives in Edison Township

Our latest case study on Edison Township Public Schools is the result of the district’s super-friendly superintendent, Dr. Richard O’Malley, sharing stories with our team during a recent ERDI conference.


Gaggle Speaks
How One of the Most Recognized School Districts in the Country Keeps its Students Safe

What do you do when you’re part of an internationally-recognized digital conversion initiative that garners the attention of schools from around the country and even the President of the United States to your district? You make it safer.


Real Students. Real Stories: Catching a Criminal

Learn how Gaggle Safety Management helped put away a man convicted of 300-plus counts of child pornography.


Gaggle Safety Management Customer Story: Edison Township Public Schools

Learn how Edison Township Public Schools keeps students safe, both in school and at home, when using 1:1 devices starting in first grade.


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Happy Users Become Even Happier Customers

Gaggle case studies are straightforward success stories about our customers. No stone goes unturned. If someone comes to us with an idea, we pursue it. And sometimes, the direction we plan to go takes us in a different direction.


Gaggle Speaks
Protecting Students from Internet Crimes

Online communication and collaboration open up a whole new world for students and teachers. But this new world has a potential dark side by providing students with opportunities to get into serious trouble. Protecting students online was the theme of last week’s Gaggle webcast, “Student Online Safety In Action.”


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How One Student Email Could Have Been Life-Changing

Robert McCollum from Hesperia Unified School District sought me during the CalSPRA Annual Seminar to tell me a story about a Possible Student Situation. We detail what unfolded in an incredible new case study with a great ending to this story.


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Using Google Apps in a Safe 1:1 Learning Environment

Giving students devices and access to tools such as email and online file sharing and storage also bring safety risks. These and other topics were discussed during the last week’s Gaggle webcast, “Using Google Apps to Create a Safe 1:1 Learning Environment.”