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10 Easy Ways to Grow Your School’s Social Media Following

Social media plays a significant role in promoting and maintaining a school’s brand. Here are some ways you can increase the number of followers on your school’s social media accounts.


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Kik App Requires Transparency and Clear Monitoring by Adults

An app known for something like child exploitation might seem like it should be avoided at all costs, but like numerous apps mentioned in our Social Network Spotlight, with proper monitoring by an informed educator or guardian, Kik is usable.


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Social Network Spotlight: is a video chat service that allows up to eight users, desktop or mobile, to connect without an account or login. Users create a video chat room and send a link to whomever they choose. Anyone with the link can participate in the video chat.

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5 Ways for Students to Become School Reporters Using Social Media

Encourage students to become school reporters to redirect their social media behavior to something more positive and to increase the social media activity for your school. Here’s how to get started.

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Why School Administrators Should Take an Interest in Twitter

While 140 characters can seem limited, there’s quite a bit of value in a Tweet. The timeliness of a quick post to Twitter is a useful way for just-in-time learning while hashtags make information more digestible. Here are four reasons why every school administrator should take an interest in using Twitter.

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What Students Can Do to Create a Positive Online Brand

There is an abundance of information communicated to students about what they shouldn’t do online. But, it’s also important for kids to know what they should be doing online.Here are a few basic tips for teaching kids what they should do vs. what they shouldn’t do.

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5 Ways to Teach Students What You Post on Social Media Follows You Forever

Online social networks follow you everywhere. However, for some reason, it isn’t easy to get this notion across to students who often don’t consider much beyond the present moment. Here are a few ways you can help young students understand the lasting impact a post to a social network can have on their lives.


Gaggle Making Headlines: App Alert

Some of the apps on your child’s smartphone may make them accessible to total strangers.