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Social Network Spotlight: Reddit

While Reddit can be a resource for students who wants to view the “front page of the internet,” it also has potentially offensive or extremely graphic content.


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Social Network Spotlight: Signal

Signal is a bare bones messaging application for iPhone and Android, specializing in secure and encrypted communication between users. Here are some pros, cons and tips for educators.


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Is the Blue Whale Game Really Causing Kids to Kill Themselves?

Last week, our Safety Management team received a considerable number of inquiries from educators concerned about the game “Blue Whale,” which has ostensibly resulted in the death of dozens of teenagers by suicide. Despite our position that the Blue Whale game does not represent a real threat, this does nevertheless present an opportunity.


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How Instagram, Facebook and Twitter Foster Digital Citizenship & Safety

We laud the efforts of Instagram and others to create safer online environments and kinder communities, and hope they continue to promote values aligned with digital citizenship.


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Social Network Spotlight: Swarm

Swarm is a very focused app that is only truly functional if the user is visiting physical locations and checking in. Because of the need to check in and the competitive aspect, students could leave themselves vulnerable to online predators and other dangers.


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Using Facebook Stories in the Classroom

As the adage goes, “the only permanent thing in the universe is impermanence.” This is certainly true of the Stories feature on social media—made popular by Snapchat, which has recently been implemented by Instagram and Facebook as well.


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How to Avoid Fake News Sources When Using G Suite

Here are a few tips that you can use to help your students avoid fake news and attain credible resources when exploring research in G Suite for Education.


The Good, the Bad & the Ugly: Social Networks & Apps Your Kids Use

In this webcast, you will learn the good, the bad and the ugly of the “Top Social Networks & Apps Your Kids Use” and be introduced to valuable resources to stay informed.