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How to Use 13 Reasons Why to Spark Conversations About Teen Suicide

As a high school counselor, I found it necessary to watch 13 Reasons Why. After finishing the Netflix series, like most, it hit me hard. I didn’t cry as I was told I would, but my stomach reached up and picked my heart like an apple from a tree and swallowed it whole.


Student Safety
Safety Management Categories: Nudity & Sexual Content

This is the second post in a series on our Safety Management categories. In this post, we discuss our Nudity & Sexual Content category. Gaggle Safety Representatives are tasked with identifying nudity and sexual content in student communications and files.


Student Safety
13 Reasons Why… Schools & Districts Need Gaggle

I have more than 13 reasons why schools and districts need Gaggle. In fact, I have over 200. The story we all should be talking about is getting students the help they need and celebrating the lives saved.


Student Safety
Exclusive Data on Student Safety to be Revealed on Webinar

We’ll reveal the results of the “Speak Up Research Project for Digital Learning” during the Gaggle Webcast, “Do You Know What Your Students Are Doing Online?” next week.


Student Safety
The Limitations of Tying Student Safety to Devices

The Family Link app from Google is undeniably a powerful tool with great benefits, however, it invokes a question concerning how safety should be managed on a larger scale for K-12 schools and districts.


Student Safety
Safety Management Categories: Profanity & Hate Speech

With this Gaggle Speaks post, we’re launching a new series specifically about our Safety Management categories. The Gaggle Profanity & Hate Speech category is for terminology that students use inappropriately or with hurtful intent, whether in conversation with others or privately.


Student Safety
How Instagram, Facebook and Twitter Foster Digital Citizenship & Safety

We laud the efforts of Instagram and others to create safer online environments and kinder communities, and hope they continue to promote values aligned with digital citizenship.


G Suite for Education
Digital Life After School: Graduation for G Suite

As part of a G Suite for Education release earlier this year, Google introduced Graduation for G Suite, an easy way for students to migrate content to an external, personal account, in order to save all the contents they create or share.


Student Safety
Social Network Spotlight: Swarm

Swarm is a very focused app that is only truly functional if the user is visiting physical locations and checking in. Because of the need to check in and the competitive aspect, students could leave themselves vulnerable to online predators and other dangers.