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8 Excel Tips and Tricks for Teachers and Students

Students and teachers might not need to know how to create extremely complex formulas using Excel, but here are some little-known tricks that could prove quite helpful.


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When Enterprise Email Isn’t Good—or Safe—Enough for Students

One year into a pilot program to provide students with Office 365 email accounts, Georgetown Independent School District in Texas found itself struggling to resolve concerns around student safety. A new Gaggle case study details how the school district overcame its challenge.


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Advice for Making a Safe Digital Leap in Your School District

Taking the digital leap can be a very exciting time. But before taking the deep dive, there are some precautions to take to assure student safety.


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Protecting Students and Creating Teachable Moments

A district-wide initiative to implement Microsoft Office 365 meant Metropolitan Nashville Public Schools needed a way for students to be safe using tools such as email, Word, Excel and PowerPoint. Email messages, as well as content created and shared in OneDrive, now are integrated with Gaggle’s Safety Management for Office 365.


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New EdTech Videos Tell Stories of Real Student Safety

“Real Students. Real Stories.” shows the importance of the work the Gaggle Student Safety Representatives do on a daily basis to prevent students from being exposed to dangers like pornography, child predators and cyberbullying. Hear real student stories about how Gaggle Safety Management has been credited with uncovering drug use, bullying, and threats of school violence, teen depression, suicidal intentions, and abusive domestic situations.