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Why Office 365’s Safety Options Aren’t Enough to Protect Students

When technology departments begin to implement Office 365, they approach the question of whether or not to restrict student email communications to only users in the school or district. But does prohibiting email use actually protect students?


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5 Quick Office 365 Tips for Educators

Educators are finding more uses for Office 365 both inside and outside of the classroom. The benefits are so far-reaching that sometimes it can be difficult to keep up. To help, we’ve compiled a short list of valuable tips.

Office 365 for Education in the Classroom

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5 Ways Office 365 Can Benefit Student Learning

Office 365 broadens the capacity for learning, offering on-demand access to documents and projects, and provides students new and creative outlets to learn both inside and outside of the classroom. Let’s explore some of the many ways that Office 365 can help students and teachers.

OneNote Student Collaboration

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4 Ways to Use OneNote for Better Student Collaboration

Successful collaboration takes a bit of scaffolding to ensure the experience is useful and effective. Here are four ways to use OneNote to incorporate collaboration in the classroom in a way that encourages interaction from all students.

OneNote for Lesson Planning

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5 Ways OneNote Helps Make Digital Lesson-Planning Easy

Teachers who use Office 365 often rave about the great ways that OneNote takes note-taking to new heights. And while the note-taking functionality is quite “noteworthy,” OneNote is also useful for creating digital lesson plans. Here are ways OneNote helps.


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Cyberbullying Facts and Other Student Safety Concerns That Will Astound You

Students are creating an increasing amount of digital drama on social media, email, mobile apps and online collaboration tools. These stories were among the topics discussed during last week’s Gaggle webcast, “Making Online Student Safety a Priority.”

OneNote Teaching and Learning

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3 Ways OneNote Puts More Focus on Teaching and Learning

Adding multiple layers of technology won’t necessarily have a positive impact on knowledge acquisition and retention. Here’s how a tool like OneNote can do the job of multiple products or platforms while putting even more focus on teaching and learning.


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How to Drive Safe Office 365 Adoption

Office 365 broadens the capacity for learning, offering on-demand access to documents and projects and providing new and creative outlets for students to learn inside and outside of the classroom. We’ve created a new ebook to help technology facilitators increase adoption and to help ensure that Office 365 will be safe for teachers and students.