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New EdTech Videos Tell Stories of Real Student Safety

“Real Students. Real Stories.” shows the importance of the work the Gaggle Student Safety Representatives do on a daily basis to prevent students from being exposed to dangers like pornography, child predators and cyberbullying. Hear real student stories about how Gaggle Safety Management has been credited with uncovering drug use, bullying, and threats of school...


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Managing Google Inside Your District

Many schools and districts are considering Google Apps for Education (GAFE) and, more recently, Google Classroom. In fact, during a recent Tech & Learning webinar, “Managing Google Inside Your School District,” 66% of attendees identified themselves as being in a school that uses Google.


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Teachers’ New Assignment Baskets

Inside the classrooms of Alhambra Elementary School District in Arizona, teachers are beginning to create paperless classrooms thanks to the integration of Gaggle and Google, which has led some teachers to remove the baskets from the corner of their desks.


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Filtering Google Drive Inside and Outside Your District

Discovering situations where a student is having an inappropriate conversation with another person via Google Drive is a common occurrence. Not only are students having inappropriate conversations, they’re also sending inappropriate pictures of themselves, and then deleting them right afterwards. Here’s some ways to limit students’ Google Drive sharing access.

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“Don’t Google without Gaggle”

Gaggle now offers a complete integration with Google Apps for Education. The Gaggle-Google integration turns Google into a full-featured learning platform designed specifically for the unique requirements of K-12. This new solution combines Gaggle’s proven system for protecting students and a seamless integration of both companies’ productivity tools. With Gaggle, Google can truly be a...

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Chromebooks in the Classroom… How Do We Implement Them?

“You’d have a hard time getting my iPad away from me. I love using it as much as I love my Chromebook, but for the classroom – at least as we’ve experienced in our district, Chromebook is better suited to our educational goals, especially when you pair it with Gaggle,” said Amy Stanley, Coordinator of...