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What You Need to Know About Adding Personal Accounts to Google Classroom

Here are just two concerns regarding Google’s newly added features that allow personal accounts and accounts on separate G Suite for Education domains to have access to your classes.


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How to Avoid Fake News Sources When Using G Suite

Here are a few tips that you can use to help your students avoid fake news and attain credible resources when exploring research in G Suite for Education.


Gaggle Has Your Back

Gaggle has been providing safe online learning solutions to the K-12 market since 1999. Watch our story and learn how you can create a safe learning environment.


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How Junction ISD Keeps Students Safe When Using G Suite for Education

After switching from the Gaggle Safe Learning Management System to G Suite for Education, Junction Independent School District (ISD) in Texas wanted to ensure students were safe using Gmail and Google Drive.


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Best Practices for Google Organizational Unit (OU) Structures

We’re often asked for best practices on how to set up and manage user accounts in the Google Admin Console. Questions like: What is the most important best practice for those setting up and managing accounts in Google? The answer is simple: Don’t overcomplicate your Organizational Unit (OU) structure.


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G Suite Quarantine Alerts: A Lot Can Happen In 60 Minutes

With G Suite Quarantine Alerts, administrators now have the option to receive notifications hourly for mail quarantines when they occur. But a lot can happen in 60 minutes.

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G Suite for Education: What You Need to Know

Google has announced that it is changing Google Apps to G Suite. This move is much more than a simple rebranding, however, in that many new features will be rolled out as a result of the transition.

Google Apps for Education Student Progress Reports

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Google Student Progress Reports Don’t Provide Safety Info

Just in time for the start of the new school year, Google has announced a long-awaited feature that gives parents and guardians access to student report cards, classroom announcements, assignment due dates and other course-centered material.