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A Principal’s Guide to Using an LMS

Without the right strategies in place, most edtech—whether free or paid—is underused in K12 schools. Implementing a learning management system (LMS) is no different. We’ve created a new ebook to help you increase user adoption of your LMS and to help ensure that your learning management system is safe for teachers and students to use.


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4 Steps to Successful EdTech Training & Adoption

No matter how useful, innovative or exciting new technology is, training your entire faculty can sometimes be a challenge. Here are a few tips to keep in mind in order to be successful when training on new technology for your school or district.


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When Done Correctly, Annual Teacher Training Is Invaluable

Yesterday, The Washington Post published an article citing a study from nonprofit TNTP suggesting that billions of dollars in annual teacher training is largely a waste. However, there are a lot of school districts that get it right.

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5 Steps to Launch a Successful #TechCoach Program in Your District

There are various models and options to consider when implementing a Tech Coach program. Some only focus on technology, while others combine technology and curriculum. If you’re thinking about starting a Tech Coach program in your school district, here are some considerations to keep in mind to make it a success.


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Is it Time to Flip Your Professional Development?

It’s easy to feel bored, overwhelmed, uninterested or not engaged during traditional professional development. If this is happening inside your school, now could be a great time to flip your professional development. Yes, just like flipping your classroom, try flipping your PD!


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Trainers Corner: Integrating Technology Over the Summer With the Help of Professional Development

Technology in the classroom is the new rave these days. It’s become so popular in the curriculum of K-12 classrooms that students might find it odd if teachers don’t use some form of technology in the classroom. But integrating technology in the classroom isn’t always just as simple as having students download an app on...


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Trainers’ Corner: Why EdTech Professional Development Shouldn’t Be a One-time Event

Incorporating new technology in the classroom can be intimidating to say the least. One of the most difficult transitions a teacher will likely make is replacing the way something has been done for years with new technology. Fortunately, that’s where professional development can make all the difference.


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Curriculum Alignment with Common Core and NETS

We understand that teachers are being pushed and pulled in many directions as they try to address Common Core and the National Education Technology Standards (NETS) as well as the requirements of their own states and schools. Gaggle’s safe, filtered, online communication tools can assist educators in meeting objectives with specific domains outlined in the Common...